2018 Catering Trends Part 2 of 2

S'more Bar. S'mores are so yummy and have tons of different options to serve your guests. Mix things up different chocolates, candies and even different flavored marshmallows! 

Pie Bar. Pie should be enjoyed all year round. Have fun and come up with different pies your guests will love. Serve mini pies to make it easy for guests to enjoy the deliciousness.   

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2018 Catering Trends Part 1 of 2

Over the last few years, candy bars have taken over wedding receptions. It's time to shake things up a bit! 

Cookie Bar. Everyone love cookies! Surprise your guests with a cookie bar filled with all your favorite varieties. Don't forget the milk! 

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Donut Bar. Donuts are not just for breakfast anymore. Donut bars are popping up all over the wedding scene this season. 

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Wedding Décor Trends for Spring 2018

Marble & Copper. Marble and copper don’t come to mind when thinking of wedding décor. This spring marble and copper are making a big statement to wedding décor. This pair is beautiful and better together, just like the bride and groom.


Geometric shapes. Geometric shapes add a subtle modern touch to any wedding décor. They help to balance out other elements brides normally add into their wedding décor.

Bold Blooms. Bold, oversized floral arrangements are breaking back onto the wedding scene. Soft floral tones are out, bold and brighter colors are in.  

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Wedding Dress Trends for Spring 2018 Part 1 of 2

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many different styles, colors and trends to look into. This upcoming spring has many diverse trends to love.

Oversized bow.jpg

Oversized bows. Oversized bows are coming back in a big way. They give that “wow” factor that many brides want when they search for their perfect dress.


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Flutter Sleeves. Boho brides rejoice! The flutter sleeves trend is very feminine and beautiful.Wedding Dress Trends for Spring 2018

Winter Wedding Trends

A clean color palette of wintry whites and soft ivories looks sophisticated and glamorous when contrasted with natural elements. Eucalyptus garlands, full foliage arrangements and lush blooms create a refined feel. 

Also big? 
Including a jewel-toned contrast color (think: sapphire or violet). The deep hue will make a statement and add serious definition to flowers and décor.

Winter wedding trends