Go Ahead.....Make Your Day

No, this is not a takeoff on Clint Eastwood. But wait a minute. If you think about Clint Eastwood, why is he so special? Even if you are not a huge fan of his, you have to admit that dude has lasted a long time in the movie business and is still going strong.

How does the C.E. concept relate to YOUR wedding and, more specifically, YOUR wedding ceremony? Clint Eastwood puts his own spin, his own brand of acting, of thinking, on everything he does on the screen. He considers all the details leaving nothing to chance verified by his directing expertise.

Put it this way. Mega time, effort and expense goes into the 4 hour time slot of Wedding Day but how much thought is put forth in creating the ceremony that produces the magic words to pronounce you wife and husband?

Did you notice how weird wife and husband sounded as opposed to husband and wife? My point exactly. It’s the details. I used the same words but had the audacity to switch their order. The details make the difference between blah and spectacular.

My goal is to see to it that you have a magnificently memorable perfect ceremony. One that is perfect for you. To achieve that masterpiece I ask questions.

There have been couples sitting on my comfy couch in my home office who were shocked at their mate’s response when I asked about including a particular component in the service. At the same time, one would answer “no” and the other would say, “Absolutely YES” producing stupefying looks all around.

For example, recently there have been a few brides who wanted the question “Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?” asked at the beginning of the ceremony. Usually the father desires that honor. Sometimes both parents answer. One woman had her 2 sons respond, “We do.” However, for the previous 10 years only a handful of brides requested the inclusion. Traditions come back around. Go figure!

That’s why I love my job. Its such fun! I revel in the pleasure of meeting new people with unique points of view. My focus is always, “What do YOU want in your wedding ceremony?” Sure, I have lots of ideas but that is all they are – my thoughts. Those ideas and thoughts do not get incorporated into the service unless the bride and groom totally agree that to do so would reflect their ideals and be a part of their vision.

You could be one of many that have no idea what so ever of what a ceremony is all about, why it is necessary in the first place, and who cares anyway.

That would be like going to a florist and saying, “Send over some flowers.” Well. How many flowers, what kind, what budget, when, where…..etc. Or, “Send me a dress to wear at my wedding.” What size, length, color, style, price…..etc.

The florist, the dressmaker and I ask questions to determine what is suitable, which is the best plan of action, and most importantly, how can I best serve this couple.

One more piece of advice – shop around. You shop for flowers, invitations, dresses, music and every item under heaven. Keep shopping. Interview Officiants and Ministers. Find the right one for you. And BTW, the consultation should be free. If it isn’t say, “Thank you very much” and hang up or leave if you’re already there.

Clint Eastwood and I go hand in hand in saying, “Make my day.” You make my day by allowing me to make your day, when I create for you your Perfect Ceremony.

Go ahead. Make Your Day.