Start Your Own Tradition

So many couples request a “traditional” ceremony. I often wonder to which tradition they refer. For instance, what is the “traditional” day on which to marry? Saturday you say?


Here is an example of changing traditions. Saturday takes its name from Saturn and was considered the most unlucky day of all. Nobody would marry on a Saturday. But, by the second half of the last century nearly everyone in the western world married on a Saturday.

Sunday, obviously named for the sun. In some blocks of time no one would or could marry on a Sunday. In England during Elizabethan times Sunday was THE day to marry. To quote from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew: “We will have rings and things and fine array; and kiss me, Kate, we will be married o’ Sunday.”

Monday is the day of the Moon. Everyone knows that the moon is associated with love and lovers. This certainly suggests that Monday be an auspicious day for marriage. Yet how many people do you know that are married on Monday?

Tuesday, the day of Mars. Mars as the son of the Sun, epitomizes virility, granting health to men and women who marry on its day. I would say a Tuesday wedding on today’s calendar would be a short & sweet affair, maybe even an elopement.

Wednesday or Woden’s day, named for Mercury, the winged footed messenger of the gods. Being right in the middle of the week, Wednesday symbolizes balance. Communication and balance sounds like a good start to any relationship especially a committed one.

Thursday is named for Jupiter, the heavenly home of ascended masters. Jupiter connotes wisdom which gives birth to compassion. Your honeymoon of passion matures to a wedded life of compassion. Works for me!

Friday, given to Venus as Freya’s-day. Marrying on Venus’ day? Are you kidding? Venus is all about love. Besides, its right next to Saturday and it will give you an extra long weekend.

Traditionally, people would marry at the beginning of the weekdays. But the current tradition is to marry at the end of the week or the weekend.

In my research I’ve also found reasons not to marry on any of those days. As far as I’m concerned, the best day to get married is the day that suits you best.

So, really, tradition, any tradition, means that to which we have become accustomed. Be brave. Start your own tradition.