Expect The Unexpected

I was about half way through a chilly, but sunny February wedding ceremony. The families being united were positioned around the table that held 6 vials of colored sand and the main keepsake container.  The bride and groom, 2 teenagers and 2 children, the youngest being 3 years old, eagerly waited for me to call their name along with the interpretation of the color they chose and then to pour their sand into the center container.


Three had poured, three to go. All of a sudden the 3 year old announces, “I have to go potty.” She calmly turns around and walks off into the house.  Her perceptive Grandmother bolts out of her chair to follow the little one to make sure all is well and that the child would return and not decide to stay inside and play a game or take a nap.

This was a push-me/pull-you moment.  We wanted to honor the child with her time in the spotlight yet not suffer frost bite.  (It wasn’t that cold, but it was chilly.)  While we waited, two more poured their sand. Finally the child returned. The guests broke into a spontaneous round of applause.

We continued as if nothing had happened and just before my lips turned blue. The relieved and happy child’s name was announced, color explained, sand poured on tippy toes into the family container and a cherished memory was born.

To me this is an example of the importance of going with the flow during the life changing experience of a wedding ceremony, especially when children are involved. The rule, “Always expect the unexpected” can definitely be counted on where children are concerned.