Organic Weddings

There is so much talk these days about “organic” that it made me think about exactly what organic means. When the word “organic” is mentioned it brings to mind produce – living, healthy, growing, good-for-you items.  No chemicals or artificial means have been used in its production.

Organic also means natural, that whatever you are referring to has not been violated, encroached upon, invaded or corrupted in any way. Considering all of that, organic means safe.

It occurred to me that what I do and love to do is to write and perform organic weddings!

Using the same definitions, a wedding ceremony is for a living, growing relationship; two people who are good for each other and will lead healthy lives together.

Your organic wedding ceremony would only have the parts that are natural to you.   A by-the-book ceremony could contain components that invade your sensibilities, leaving you feeling like you have been encroached upon. Strong wording which is the opposite of your present thinking may have such an adverse effect that you could feel almost violated.

Sometimes childhood beliefs fade away or die and are no longer valid. Why include something that has no more meaning to you or life to it?

Maybe if the preacher talks fast and mumbles no one will notice that what is being said is a corruption of what was originally designed to be a blessing.

No. No. No!

The two of you are a couple who thinks, who decides for themselves what is good and natural. You don’t jump into any boat that cruises down the river.  You may not have any say on that boat and wind up stranded on a leaky ship. No way!

Your wedding day can be a cruise down the river on the ship of your choice – enjoyable, memorable, and fun for everyone on board. The key is: it is YOUR choice. Have an Organic Wedding Ceremony, one that is natural whether simple or elegant. It’s always of your choosing.

I guarantee that I will write an organically perfect ceremony for you. You only have to ask.