Get To Know You

Here is my 3 step suggestion.

1.       Invest $1 (one dollar) in yourself. Go to one of the stores where all items are priced at a dollar and purchase a notebook. You could splurge and buy a new pen for another dollar.

2.       Choose a definite time of day when you can devote 20 to 30 minutes to yourself sitting down alone in a quiet space. Aim for the same time every day.  No. Not 5 minutes. You are worth a half hour a day! This is life changing. Your life changing.

3.       During your “My Time” put pen to paper and write down your thoughts. This is your private book. This is not for Face Book or You Tube. This book, this journal is for your eyes only, for your thoughts and feelings.

Write about what is going right in your life. Write about what is going wrong. Write about what you have always wanted to do but didn’t. Write about why you didn’t do it.  Be honest with yourself. Write your truth as you see it. No excuses.

If you feel you want to change something, be brave and change it. Don’t let fear stop you. Take your fear by the hand and do it anyway.

Do you long for an adventure? Anything can be an adventure. Learn to paint. Walk in a park or a woods. Eat lunch outside sitting on a blanket. Stick your feet in a fountain. Sometimes opening up to being a little silly will help you to start a serious project or to offer a proposal that might be a winner.

Once a month, read back through the journal. Do you notice patterns? Are you being truthful or offering excuses? Are you waking up or sleeping your life away?

Get to know you. Inside that body is a perfect creature, someone who loves you very much. You can’t escape yourself.  You are with yourself 24/7. You may as well treat yourself well.  After all, you are your own best friend. It’s time to find out what your friend is all about. If not now, when?