10 Things To Know BEFORE Hiring Your Officiant

Where do you start when you are planning on getting married? One thing is for sure – you will need an Officiant. Read on……


1.       Will you hold a religious, spiritual, or secular ceremony?

If you are of a singular religious faith you may want to have the minister of your church officiate.  If that is not the case and you are an interfaith couple, or spiritual, or prefer a secular ceremony, Rev. Phran will tailor the ceremony to your specifications.

2.       Do you prefer a traditional order of service or one that is totally unique?

You may wish to follow a traditional order of service and also include non-traditional additions such as: Honoring of Parents, Honoring of Travelers, Memorial, Special Readings, Candle lighting, etc.  Your service can be not-so-traditional and include Hand Holding, Hand Fasting, Sand Blending, Time Capsule, etc.  Or you may want to collaborate with Rev. Phran and create part of the service yourself.  There are many options and additions available.

3.       Is experience an important factor?

Rev. Phran has been happily marrying couples since 2000 and is considered an expert in the field. Her patience, good humor, and confidence will put you and your guests at ease.

4.       Can you preview the completed ceremony? Are changes allowed?

You may want to know the exact wording of what will be said during this life changing event. Rev. Phran will email you the completed ceremony and change, delete, or add componentsif you choose that option during the consultation.

5.       What are your expectations of the Officiant?

Depending on the flavor or theme of the wedding, you may request that the minister dress in an official robe, in professional attire or casual clothing. Rev. Phran is open to discussing the style of clothing you’d like her to wear. Rev. Phran will be there to assist with last minute details or changes because she will arrive at the chosen venue 30 to 60 minutes prior to the ceremony.

6.       Will the wedding venue be acceptable?

Rev. Phran has performed ceremonies at hundreds of different locations and venues. Some of them are: churches, chapels, houses, yards, restaurants, light houses, at a lake, in a lake, forest, campground, park and trolley. Her Home Chapel is available for up to 10 guests. She is willing to travel to an outer space station as well!

7.       Will you be required to attend premarital counseling?

With Rev. Phran, premarital counseling is available but not mandatory.

8.       Have you budgeted for a wedding officiant?

Without the ceremony, there is no marriage! There can be significant work involved in creating your dream ceremony and Rev. Phran provides top quality services at a reasonable fee. Working within your budget, Rev. Phran will guide you in designing a ceremony that fits your personality and preferences – a ceremony that will touch hearts and be remembered for a long time!

9.       Can your wedding ceremony be on any day and at any time?

The day and time are totally up to you. Rev. Phran is licensed to marry you in any village, city, state or country and is willing to travel to accommodate your requests. A discount is available for a week day wedding, for elopements, for small intimate ceremonies with 10 guests or less, and for weddings performed in the Home Chapel. Discuss your situation with Rev. Phran.

10. Can your wedding ceremony be co-officiated?

Yes. Rev. Phran will work with any officiant as well as special people who wish to serve but are not licensed to perform a legal wedding.