Singing The Blues

The Blues. I love Blues music. There’s a channel on my TV that plays Blues music which I love to listen to. It was on the other day and these lyrics jumped out at me:

“Be thankful for the things you got.
Don’t worry about what you don’t
You gotta rise above it
If you don’t rise above it
You’re gonna drive you mad.”

Amen. I say, AMEN. There’s a whole book right there in those 5 lines.

“Be thankful for the things you got.” Gratitude. You’ve heard that word and I’m sure you ARE grateful and probably one of the many that count your blessings every day. Like breathing fresh air (which we never run out of), drinking clean water, hot water to bathe in, clothes to wear, food to eat, a dry comfy place to sleep, people to talk to. Add a new blessing to your list every day. Be thankful for the good, the bad, and the ugly. They all have a purpose.

“Don’t worry about what you don’t”. Worry is a total waste of time and energy. It not only gets you nowhere fast, you actually go backwards. You don’t have something? Chances are you don’t really need it. Wanting and needing are two entirely different things. I may want a Jaguar and a 60 foot yacht but my Mini Cooper is perfect to get me where I need to go.

“You gotta rise above it” When the world puts a block in front of you, you can let it stop you and sit and whine about it, or you can use it as a stepping stone to go higher than you were before. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and expand, to rise up to a new level.

“If you don’t rise above it” It’s always your choice. Many people don’t realize they have a choice. To do nothing is also a choice. You could lie there in your muck. It’s your life.

“You’re gonna drive you mad” Read that again. YOU are going to drive you mad. No one else can do that for you or to you. You don’t like your thoughts? You’re driving yourself crazy? You can change your thinking. You can change your thought process. I didn’t say it was easy. It’s probably the hardest work you’ll ever do. I’m no genius and I change my mind every day.

I don’t keep thoughts just because they popped into my head. If a thought brings me down or shakes a finger of fear in my face, I stop, acknowledge the thought, toss it, then replace the thought I didn’t want with a thought I do want. Try it.

“Be thankful for the things you got.”

(And let’s give credit where credit is due. The picture at the top is a photo of my grandson, Jason Genise-Gdula singing during an audition. Awesome!)