Traditional White

Should you wear a white wedding dress? Trends today lean toward white with an additional color added or ivory gowns. Many brides no longer wear a long veil but attach a small veil to the back of their head or no veil at all. What about tradition? Is tradition out the window?

Every tradition started some time, some where. The key here is “started”. Queen Victoria had quite an impact on the population and women wanted to follow her for many reasons. The Queen wore white so the brides did likewise.

Your wedding is your wedding. You can have it in a church (not the original setting) or on a beach or house or any place. 

You can wear a long white dress or shorts. Do you want to talk about veils? Who wears veils any day of the week??

Originally, people lived together because they wanted to or needed to. Then it became a business with a contract, often political. That still happens but not in the world of today’s average American/European bride.

Who are you pleasing when you go “traditional” and who are you offending? Everyone has the right and the privilege to make up their own mind and decide how they want to dress, where they want to marry, and the type of ceremony that proclaims it legal.

Tradition was also dictated by where you lived. In the States the groom did not see the bride until the service. (Another “tradition” tossed recently.) In Germany, the groom walked together with the bride to the church and down the aisle.

Brides traditionally carry a big bouquet of flowers. Do you know why? It was intended for the scent of the flowers to waft under your nose instead of body odor. Rose petals were tossed on the floor where the bride would walk for the same reason and to act as an aphrodisiac.

Before tiered wedding cakes there were individual little cakes or petit fours. Today the trend is back to little cakes, as in cupcakes.

Be brave. Start your own tradition.