Do's And Dont's

An article popped up about “What guests should not to say at a wedding”.  And I thought, “That could be a cool thing to note on my FB page.  Pass on the information. Make everyone aware.”  And then I read the article of all the "Don'ts" and an new thought popped up which was, “That is like saying, ’Don’t think of an elephant!’”  Once you say don't, then inevitably, you DO!

If I passed on all of the things that you weren’t supposed to say at a wedding it would be nothing short of a guarantee that you would blurt out at least one of the unmentionables.

So, I will rephrase what I read and give you some topics that would be fine to bring up – when you can’t think of something to say.

1.       “This is one of the most _________ (fun, delightful, spectacular, extraordinary, etc.) weddings I have ever been too.  I’m having such a good time!”

2.       “I am so glad to be seeing you again.”  Simply remember that a wedding is a celebration of a joining of two lives together and that whatever the circumstance was the last time you saw this person or the length of time, you are happy to see this person again.

3.       This couple has joined to create a new family. It is being celebrated.  So celebrate! Forget about your temporary set-backs. Forget about it. Why dig up dirt?  Celebrate!!

4.       Why did this couple get together? Because they love each other.  There is no other answer. Repeat after me: “They are so in love!”

5.       Look around you.  Note how many things that are of your taste, have your approval that you can connect with, that you just love.

There is a really old song that comes to mind and which resonates completely with this message:  “You’ve got to accentuate the positive/eliminate the negative/latch on to the affirmative/don’t mess with mister in-between.”

If you look for what is wrong you will definitely find it.  But, you may, just may find you are happier and feel better and attract more positive friends when you focus on the beautiful, the kindnesses, the sweetness of life that is all around you. Of course it is. You’re breathing aren’t you? And this morning you woke up on the right side of the grass. Good start to a great day!