Use these clothing tips for a November wedding!


Whether you are the bride or groom or one of the special guests invited to share the sacred day, consider these options before attending a November wedding. 

Whether you live in Texas or Chicago, a wedding in November is most likely going to be a bit chilly. 


If you’re shopping for something new, try a rich jewel-toned dress or jumpsuit. Pair your favorite patent leather pointy-toe heels with a deep burgundy or emerald silk dress. The beauty of jewel tones is that they make everyone’s skin glow! If your skin tone is light, opt for a powerful deep blue; if it’s medium, try a sparkling emerald; and if it’s dark, try a ruby red. A smoky brown with a warm gray undertone is also known to look amazing on every shade of skin!

 Go for a midi- or full-length dress. If you have your heart set on a shorter, flirtier number, grab your favorite pair of tights. They’re an easy solution for a little more coverage during a chilly reception. Play with the opacity and design, and don’t forget to think about the kind of shoe you’ll need to make them work.


Fall weddings can be hard to dress for since the weather can be so unpredictable, that's why the most important thing to remember is to dress in layers.

For men, try mixing and matching textures and patterns for a cozy look that doesn't look shabby or grungy. Pair a wool coat with a silk tie, and don't be afraid to wear some color! Just look at the invitation for hints of the couple's wedding colors so you don't end up looking like a member of the bridal party.

A stylish man can't go wrong with a sophisticated wool suit. This sleek number will get you through any wedding on the bride's best-dressed list. The rumors are true: charcoal is the new black. Dress up using charcoal and you will be good to go.