Don't Show up Empty Handed this December


Christmas time is an extremely popular time of year for people to get married, and if you’re going to a bridal shower or wedding reception, consider some of these particularly unique Christmas wedding gift ideas that are a twist on the original ones most people buy.

One of the loveliest and most unique Christmas wedding gift ideas I’ve seen so far involves buying the bride and groom especially nice embroidered stockings, made of fine material like silk. Have their initials or just their last name’s first initial on the stocking, in a big, pretty design.

If you’d like to help the new couple celebrate their first Christmas together, buy them champagne glasses. Have either their wedding date placed on them, or a nice saying such as the year with “First Christmas Together” imprinted into the glass. Do be sure to buy high quality glasses so they hold up well, and even consider adding a nice bottle of champagne with them as well.

f you’re not too close to the bride and groom and don’t want to buy anything too expensive, try buying some upper end glass ornaments. Clear ornaments look the most elite and elegant, much more so than colored. Have their names or initials placed on the ornaments, along with a special date or sentiment of their wedding. Most couples that get married will get several of these, but they’ll always appreciate another ornament to hang on their tree as a reminder of their special day.