Guide to Boutonnieres- Part 4 of 4



Remember that boutonnieres are to be attached to the left lapel of the suit jacket or tuxedo. If attaching the buttonhole directly to the lapel, you should be careful because it can cause the lapel to droop.Some high end suits include special loops that are there to hold the stem in place. Alternatively, make sure that you secure the boutonniere properly to the actual jacket and not just the lapel.

Finally , don’t forget to always choose flowers that will last long. Flowers like tulips are known for being more delicate and particularly thirsty. Boutonnieres need to spend several hours without water and the last thing you want is a wilted flower on your lapel in most of your wedding photos! Ask your florist about their suggestions since they know which flowers do well without water as well as those that should not be used in this way.