Unique Wedding Ceremonies

Looking for a unique wedding ceremony in Raleigh, Durham or Cary? Think about this, in order to be married you must have a ceremony. The license is the legal proof of the ceremony. The license is not the reason you are called “husband and wife”, the ceremony is. Without the ceremony, the reception is just a fancy party.

In order for you to be married, an official person, like a Minister, Officiate, or Judge, has to ask the man if he wants to marry the woman on this day, has to ask the woman if she wants to marry the man on this day, they both have to agree to the commitment and this has to be witnessed by 2 people who understand what is going on. That is it.

You can add as much to that as you would like to add. Your ceremony can go on for 2 minutes or 2 hours or 2 days. (In India, a wedding extends for 3 days.) You can have as many components as you want; be creative or traditional.

In order to have a ceremony as unique as you, one that will honor your beliefs, non-beliefs, your culture with its traditions, include your children and or family, it has to be written just for you. Your relationship is original and the celebration of your relationship is just as unique.

If you only want a one-size-fits-all or a hurry-up-and-get-it-done ceremony you may want to simply pay a magistrate to do the deed at the courthouse when you pick up your license.

However, if you as a couple want to have a truly memorable event, a happy dream come true (not the other kind), then take the time to arrange for a free consultation to interview officiants to see if what they have to offer matches what you want to have.

Receive a complimentary consultation. I am honored to share in the planning of your special event.

Rev. Phran is ordained and writes ceremonies for couples of all faiths, interfaith and no faith. Her goal is to blend your words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs to create your perfect ceremony no matter the form - traditional, formal, casual, short or unique. Rev. Phran is personable, energetic yet calming, professional yet affable. For small, intimate weddings her Home Chapel is available. Serving the Raleigh area from Durham to Benson.